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White Pearl Basmati Rice is a premium, single variety Basmati rice, aged for 18 months and harvested solely from the original region where Basmati was grown – the fertile lands of the Punjab.

White Pearl Basmati Rice is recognised as the leading Pakistani Basmati Rice brand. And we have a Great Taste Award to prove it !


    Description :

    Our pure Basmati Rice is a single variety
    Premium grain selected from known farmers from the West Punjab, the true home of Basmati.
    Aged for up to 18 months, White Pearl Basmati Rice has a milky colour, indicating that it is not over polished and hence retains more nutrients, flavour and aroma. This ensures the superior quality.

    Available in : 500g / 2KG / 5KG / 10KG / 20KG

    Nutritional information :
    • per 100 g (as sold)
    • Energy 1505 kJ/354 kcal
    • Protein 8.5 g
    • Carbohydrate 79.0 g of which sugars 0.1 g
    • Fat 0.5 g of which Saturates 0.2g
    • Fibre 3.3 g
    • Sodium Trace
    Ingredients :

    Basmati Rice

    Region map :

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