We are curry lovers

Curry lovers

You may have heard, we love curry. No. Seriously. We LOVE it.

And we are the “defenders” of the true taste of curry.


Over 300 authentic curry ingredients



Rice crafted as it should be



We will never compromise the way curry should be…ever…EVER



There's no curry without rice…

When it comes to rice, we don't mess around. We take great care and pride in growing, picking, storing and perfecting our Basmati rice and we will never compromise the way Basmati rice should be.

If harvesting White Pearl Basmati rice is an art, savouring it is an art of living.



From the home of true Basmati, rice crafted as it should be…

No one knows Basmati rice like we do. And no one produces Basmati rice like ours.

Rice aficionados worldwide will know that no other rice can compare with the delicate aroma, delicious flavour and delightful tenderness of White Pearl Basmati rice. White Pearl Basmati Rice is recognised as the leading Pakistani Basmati Rice brand. And we have a Great Taste Award to prove it!


We have been producing Basmati rice for 24 years now, and we take great care in ensuring we craft our Basmati rice the way it should be…

And here's how we do it…


Basmati rice can only be grown in the foothills of the Himalayas, deep in the heart of the Punjab – and every grain of rice contained within a White Pearl bag comes from here. Every single grain.

Why is this important? Because only in the Punjab can you find the perfect climate to grow Basmati rice in. Here in the foothills of the Himalayas, the rice fields are washed by the fresh water that comes down from the 5 rivers of the Punjab, carrying with it a unique combination of minerals.

This creates the perfect soil, rich and fertile, to ensure we harvest the most perfect grains of Basmati rice.


We allow our rice to grow for longer – giving each grain as much time as it needs to reach that perfect length and consistency.

As the sun glares down, coating each grain in warmth, we wait patiently until it has turned that perfect golden colour.

Our highly-skilled and experienced local farmers pick a single variety of rice from a single region – the Punjab. Each grain is then handpicked and cared for by the local farmers whom we whole-heartedly support, ensuring that as we grow our rice, their communities grow with it.


Like the finest wines, champagne and whisky, Basmati rice requires the right amount of aging to develop nice, long grains and to enhance the aroma after cooking.

After every grain is picked, we carefully package the rice in traditional jute bags and leave them to age for 18 months – longer than any brand we know – in the unique climate of the Punjab, where the sun beats down and covers the grains in warmth to reduce the moisture level and ensure they mature better.


Unlike other brands, White Pearl retains a creamy, white colour – much like a pearl – and this is what makes our rice truly unique.

Our experienced millers mill our rice to perfection as if too little bran is removed, the rice remains brown and patchy. And if too much bran is removed, the rice will lost its taste, flavour and nutritional content. It is a fine balance.

So instead of producing a highly polished grain with a white appearance, we choose not to over-polish our rice so that each grain retains the valuable nutrients, mouth-watering flavour and irresistible aroma.

Finally, we undergo a careful quality control process whilst packaging the rice to make sure every bag of White Pearl rice has the lowest amount of broken rice in the market.

Moreover, we are one of the few brands who will not compromise on the consistency of our rice. Our customers can have full confidence that every bag of White Pearl Basmati rice contains a single variety of Basmati rice only. We do not mix or blend different varieties of rice, and nor will we.

If you need to remember one thing about our rice, remember this:

White Pearl Basmati Rice is a premium, single variety Basmati rice harvested solely from the original region where Basmati was grown – the fertile lands of the Punjab.

Everyone should experience the taste of true Basmati rice – Basmati rice crafted as it should be. And we will never compromise the way Basmati rice should be.


Our curry kitchen is fully stocked…

We have gone to the ends of the earth to source only the very best curry ingredients.





Here in the White Pearl kitchen, we aren't satisfied with just making a curry. We are curry-lovers. And so we do it right.

That means making curry as it is meant to be – using only the best quality ingredients from around the world. Ingredients so good that many leading chefs around the UK have been using our products for the past 24 years to prepare the dishes they serve in their restaurants.

We have gone to the ends of the earth to source only the very best curry ingredients. Our kitchen now contains over 300 authentic curry ingredients, from spices to chutney, from curry pastes to ghee, from lentils to rice – everything you need to make a curry you can be truly proud of.

Take our Lentils, for example. We have more than a dozen types of lentils which we have carefully sourced from all over the world. We have gone as far as Burma, China, India, Australia, Canada and the USA to ensure we have the very best quality lentils you can find.

Or our Spices. We have travelled every corner of the globe to source the most vibrant and exotic spices – from India to Brazil, from China to Madagascar, from Guatemala to Spain. We have now carefully selected over 30 different spices, filling our kitchen with a wide variety of textures, colours, flavours and aromas to bring your curry to life.

So what else is in our kitchen you ask? Along with our rice, lentils and spices, you can find a range of flours, curry pastes, chutneys, ghee and even the perfect cooking oils for curry. Come and see for yourself.

We take a lot of pride in our curry, and so we have made sure that the White Pearl kitchen has every ingredient you need to make more than just an ordinary curry. Our kitchen will help you to cook up an authentic curry – the true taste of curry!

Why? Because for us, the true taste of curry is worth fighting for.